Peter Bickel, UC Berkeley

"The bootstrap in some novel environments"

Peter Hall, in his tragically abridged life, wrote extensively on Efron’s bootstrap and other Monte Carlo methods, culminating in his book, “The Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion”(1992). Although these are not “second order” situations of the type he focused on, I hope that he would have enjoyed the review of the following work on the bootstrap in a number of high dimensional situations that I intend to present.
1) The Genome structural correction: Zhang, Huang, Boley, Brown and B. Ann. App. Stat. (2010)
2) Can we trust the bootstrap in high dimension?: el Karoui and Purdom (2016)
3) Residual bootstrap for high dimensional regression with near low rank designs: Lopes NIPS (2014)
4) Subsampling bootstrap of count features of networks: Bhattacharyya and B. Ann. Stat. (2015)